Selecting the perfect red wine is sometimes a daunting task due to an extensive range of options and characteristics and considerations to think about. Sure, you don’t just need to think about your personal preference when it comes to region and taste but also the price and the food that you would want to pair it with. To guide you in choosing a bottle of red, we have come up with a list of the most essential things you should take into consideration:

Food pairing

When the wine you buy is high-quality, it needs to be balanced well. Although, food matching can impact this balance since the ingredients of a meal can change either the tannins bitterness, sweetness, or acidity. The basic rule is that red wines can perfectly complement red meat and other dishes like cheese, fish, pizzas, gratins, or simmered dishes. Still, you can go a long way if you do your research on how to take your meal to the next level. Here is a list of examples of food and wine pairing to help you be guided on your option the following time you search for the best red wine.


Full-bodied wines such as Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon can be quite heavy to be consumed at the start of the meal but medium and light-bodied reds like Merlot or Pinot Noir can great wines to partner with appetizers. Duck rillettes on toast, tuna salad, or salmon tartare includes some of the appetizers that can ideally be paired with Pinot Noir wines like Merlot or Rahona Valley Pinot wines that can perfectly harmonize the flavors.


To reiterate, red wines are commonly paired best with red meats, pizzas, tomatoes, chicken, some fish, meat gratins, and simmered dishes. For instance, beef-based meals, lamb, or duck can be paired by the best Bordeaux or Bordeaux-style blends like Malbec or Cabernet Sauvignon. Such wines help in bringing out the aromas in the meat. On the other hand, an intensely cooked roasted tomatoes can incorporate acidity to your meal. This acidity will be perfectly complemented with a light red wine like a Grenache.

If you are a pasta or pizza lover, Sangiovese is the best one to get. With beef burgers, a Grenache or GSM, or Tempranillo that are light to mid-bodied wines are some of the excellent choices.


As you pair dessert and wine, it easy to be too much with wines matched with the desert. Rather, select a lighter red wine that’s less sweet compared to the dessert. For desserts that are rich, caramelized, buttery, chocolate, and dark, opt for a Merlot or Cabernet. Moreover, strawberries go well with Pinot Noir and red fruit-flavored deserts can be best paired with Madeira. Cooked peach and pears will be well matched by tannic wines such as Cabernet, Chinon, or Bandol like Co. Cabernets 2016 and Eddie McDougall Wines.

You can also apply these tips to your meal at your home. All you need to do is to choose a wine of your choice at an online San Diego wine shop today and it will be delivered at your home.