4 Surprising Advantages of Drinking Beers

All of us drink beer—or tried drinking beer at least. Others may have loved it, some just liked it, some don’t feel excited about the thought of it, and many swore that they won’t drink it again. Well, that’s understandable since we are not alike after all. Each one of us has distinct preferences, different drinking, and taste habits. But, did you know that beer actually provides perks and benefits that aren’t linked to its drinking parts? Yes, you’ve read it right. For instance, beer is perfect for mice and trap fruit. Apart from that, the tasteful and incredible beer properties can be used for making bread or roasting chicken. Here are other shocking benefits you probably haven’t heard before:

Help with kidney stone

Commonly, we are advised to drink tons of water to help combat kidney stones, which is very painful. Since beer is known as a diuretic drink, it can help clean our bladder and kidney. Moreover, it can also help dilate our ureters—the tube that connects the bladder and kidneys. This can help you pass a stone easier and quicker. Moreover, beer’s alcohol component helps to alleviate the pain somehow.

Polish and clean pots

If you have tried cleaning coins using a soda, you can also get a similar effect if you use beer with pots. Before, breweries actually utilize beers in cleaning and polishing all of their tools and equipment. Because of its slight acidity, beer helps in cleaning the pots without leaving stains on the metal compared to a higher acidity liquid.

Stop snoring

Beer can actually help stop snoring. All you need is to look for a pocket tee to sleep. Then, place a mini beer can in your t-shirt’s pocket. Though this may be challenging to do when you successfully close it, perhaps with the help of a safety pin, you will not role at night. Based on research and studies, people tend to snore more once they rest in their backs. Thus, since you will have the beer can with you, you will get uncomfortable. Consequently, you’ll be forced to just sleep on your sides.

Prevent the snails and slugs

Snails and slugs are usually attracted to yeast, which beer has. Because of this, the simplest thing you can do is to place a small bowl with beer within your yard or close to the place that you plan to cover. Do not entirely full it to the top, but just right in the middle. They will not die as they drink it but they will lose their senses, which will cause them to fall into the bowl and drown. Although, this slug trap just works over a short distance. Hence, do not try this if you are currently experiencing an infestation of snails and slugs. It will be a waste of beer and time.

Now that you know some perks you get with beer, order San Diego craft beer or any types of beer online today and have it delivered on your doorsteps.