Which Red Wines are the Healthiest to Drink?

We have known that red wine can offer us health benefits. However, to what extent can the wine you choose positively help and affect us? Actually, it somehow matters. Not all wines are created equal in terms of the health perks it gives. Moreover, while more research has been done and still adding up, we’ve gained some insights about the good things associated with our wins and which type of grape has the largest amounts. If you want to have a bit of health improvement with the glass of wine your drink nest, here’s a quick guide about the healthiest red wine options that are guaranteed to be good for our health:

No sweet wines

If you plan to go healthy in your wine options, then you should definitely avoid sweet white wines like sweet Rieslings or Moscato because such wines since their sugar levels are high and they don’t have antioxidants. Sugar is carbs, hence, they can definitely contribute to weight gain. However, if you really want sweet wine, you can still drink it but remember to drink in moderation.


Though rosé can’t actually be closely compared with the red wine in terms of its health perks, it still contains a few of the great beneficial antioxidants recently mentioned. Even if this is differently manufactured compared to some red wines, it still has red grapes. Moreover, rosé is still a better option compared to white wine if the talk about the health benefits it can provide. Although, note that there’s less time for your skin to carry antioxidants in the process of making wine.


Cabernet is also one of the dry red grapes that belongs to a high rank when it comes to health benefits. All of them have equally promising resveratrol levels while maintaining a low sugar level as well. When you wish to feel great about the wine that you drink but like a Cabernet over a Pinot, you can be guaranteed that you are still choosing a healthy variety.


Though no other type of grapes can beat the Pinot Noir for its top position, you’re also lucky if you prefer Merlot. Merlot has been recognized to have a high resveratrol level as well. Meaning, you can still have the benefits that are good for the heart. Besides, resveratrol has been displayed to slow down cognitive decline related to age thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. For this similar reason, it’s been more linked to suppress cancer cells and ease joint pain.

Pinot Noir

Perhaps you are shocked to know that there’s actually a specific grape that has renowned as healthiest wine above all, which is Pinot Noir. Sure, all red wines are basically known as healthier versions compared to whites, this wine is leading in its class since the Pinot Noir grape has been observed to have the highest resveratrol levels among all types of wine grape.

Now that you know about the healthiest wine options for you, order and buy wine online San Diego now.

Essential Wine Considerations before Buying One

Wine is considered to be a classic drink that’s infused with health perks particularly if taken into moderation. For example, it’s been recognized that a glass of wine per day can minimize the danger of having a stroke and heart disease. Moreover, it helps in improving sleep and boosting immunity. But, the market is now packed with tons of various wine brands, making it stressful to choose and determine which wine is best to purchase particularly for those who aren’t experts in this subject. To help you, we’ve listed a guide and the things you need to consider before you buy a wine:

Food pairing

One won’t likely think of consuming wine on an empty stomach. In fact, it’s recommended that wine must only be taken in after or during a meal. Make sure that the wine you select is right for the meal to be consumed. In terms of food and wine, there’s actually some pairing rules that you need to consider. Full-bodied wines need to be partnered with beef or other bolder foods. On the other hand, light wines must be paired with light meals, like creamy sauces, fish, and chicken. If you’re into spicy dishes, the best option for you would be a sweet wine.

See the label to know the region

The wine bottle’s label will let you know where the wine came from. The region of the wine greatly impacts its flavor and taste because of the soil type’s effects on the grapes’ taste. For instance, the white wine that originates from California may distinctively different from the white wine from France. You don’t need to comprehend and know all of the wine’s different characteristics based on their regions, but you can go with the regions and areas that produce wine.

Price isn’t everything

Price isn’t an indicator of the quality of a wine. A lot of people think that they should buy those costly wine since it is superior in taste and quality only to find out that it doesn’t always work that way. In fact, you don’t have to pay tons of bucks for you to have a bottle of good wine. Know that you can always purchase a wine that’s on sale or a reach for a mid-range bottle. Although, the price somehow represents the wine’s quality. You can think about the occasion and the budget to purchase the best wine in an online liquor shop San Diego that’ll match your preferences and needs.


Once a wine is quite aged, it can provide you your desired taste. Bit, not all wines are meant to be aged for a long time. Red wine is perfectly delicious once aged. Meanwhile, sparkling and white wine doesn’t really need to be aged for it to taste great. Moreover, it’s essential to know that the wine’s quality is affected by a lot of factors aside from age. Meaning, if you choose a wine, age must not the only thing you considered. Instead, also think about the other factors we mentioned earlier.